Theater Online (VOD Platform)

Website / Web App UI/UX Design

Theater Streaming Service (Platform)

Roles: Lead UI/UX Designer
Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator
Year: 2020-2021

Short Brief about Platform

Iran Theater Online is a subscription streaming service that roles as a platform for all theater producers and artists and offers a library of recorded performed and live theaters through distribution deals to support this industry.

Design Process

I've done this project as a freelance project. In the process, after receiving information from the owner, including brand information and related materials such as logo, patterns, and visions. Based on them, initial designs and sketches were done to receive comments. Meantime, UX aspects were measured by UX testings such as A/B, user journeys ...

The website is a subscription-based online service for broadcasting and performing theaters in different categories. The UI/UX challenge was accessing and reaching the items through the long list of theaters and of course keeping track of the history of watched videos by each user. I've tried to use the official identities that come from the brand book and also I've designed a scalable design system to have the ability to develop for the future.



In this project, more than 12 Master page has been designed and delivered to the Front-end development team for implementation. Master pages such as user profile, subscription plans, sign-in pages, payment history, check out and ...



The website has developed by the following technologies:

. Microsoft .Net Core 3.1
. Responsive Design
. Bootstrap Framework
. jQuery
. Multi-Language (Farsi) (English will lunch soon)


UI/UX Design Prototype for Festival Program Schedule

As a side part of the website and for the annual Fajr festival, the theater committee asked for designing a responsive and user-friendly timetable and schedule for audiences to keep track of the programs.

Based on the challenge ahead, which was showing many data such as date, time, and program details in limited space, I've designed a UI/UX with maximum use-ability and user-friendly features especially in responsive view. Features like:

. Separated and accessible date, categories and Performance Places
. Responsive view especially for mobile to avoid loosing data
. Fixed date and time column in order to avoid user confusing
. Multiple Horizontally Scrolling

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