User Interface Kit - Based on Adobe XD

Shiveh UI Kit

Design and Provided for Themeforest Market

Roles: Designer / Concept Design
Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop
Year: 2020

Clean and Multi-Purpose Website UI Kit

Fully customizable and editable XD file including responsive view and prototype motions. This package is available for purchase on Themeforest website and market.


A Kit for Boost your Design Flow

Shiveh, help you as a designer or developer to speed up your work flow and reduce your project time with providing most useful and practical and ready componenets. This package will update soon by adding more element designs based on 30 different concept design.

Purchase the Package Now!

You can have it now by clicking on the Purchase link and jumping to the Themeforest market directly. Thank you in advance for your comments and purchasing!

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Nobe - Art Director and Brand Identity Design

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