Art Director and Brand Identity Design

Nobe Brand

Kitchen Design and Cabinet Manufacturer

Roles: Art Director / Brand Strategy / Brand Identity
Tools: Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Visual Code
Year: 2018-2019

Experienced but without Identity!

The Noori Trading Company, with more than 15 years of production and presence in the market ( North of Iran ), had encountered complicated issues in sales and of course in Identity. My duty in the first step was to create an identity for their brand. Their skill is in the production of kitchen cabinets and they represent 5 top brands such as Neff, Gaggenau, Werkstatten, and Leicht.


Brand Identity Design

In this project, after organizing and holding several meetings with owner and Marketing team, I started the concept design process and then it led to the front-end process after owner's final approval. Actally everythong started with creating and choosing a Name. After 2 Months trying to find an appropirate, modern and globally name, "Nobe" borned ! Its concept is based on 2 important fact they belivied, the difference and also satisfaction.


Outdoor and Indoor Material Designs

Different advertising mediums and spaces were ready to announce the New Brand which hoped to find its place in the market again.


Sincere and Novel Kitchens

The Nobe brand slogan describes the Brand Manifest and Beliefs.



Epic Website - Website UI/UX Design and Development

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