7Galaxy Company

Art Direction, Concept and UI/UX Design


Creative and Development Company Website

Roles: Art Director, UI/UX Designer
Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD and Photoshop
Year: Jun-Aug, 2018

Identity Designs

Minimal and narrow view was the main design approach which I had choosen for assigning in all the website identity materials.

Of course, the primary and secondary colors and website fonts and typography have been defined and chosen as well. Using the illustration-based images is following this approach too.

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7Galaxy Means Creativity and Efficiency and...

At the time of the company's foundation, we've thought about 7 things that were in the same row in our priorities and finally all of them have made our galaxy its stars.

Portfolio 7Galaxy

Business Grow, Drive Creativity

Solutions in 7galaxy, includes Consultancy, Business Planning, Platform Design, Backend Development and Roll out.
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Finnotech - Website UI/UX Design

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