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MyUI (Online Web UI Builder)


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Project Goal

To provide a user-friendly easy platform to help people create their website user interface without any coding knowledge.

Problem / Challenge

We should forecast all users need to cover any steps actions in order to create a page with maximum flexibility and hierarchy.


Designing UI/UX design model for reaching the best experience of web page building by providing wizard and drag and drop solutions.

/Sign-up Page

UI Design for the first step of user action to create an account, considering the UX aspect of making the process easy and informative


Create Project

UI/UX design for creating and naming websites as multiple projects meantime and keeping action histories


Project Steps UI

UI/UX design for showing all steps as a vertical Tabbing system with active/inactive UI


Menu Builder

UI design for all setting up and generating menu items and website navigation


Page Creator

UI Design for the main concept of application which let user layout the page with provided element categories


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