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MarketOrient Software UI/UX Design


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Project Goal

To display information and charts which will generate automatically and in real-time, as well as to provide and design simple access and understandable menus without complexity while having a lot of content.

Problem / Challenge

The core challenge in UI/UX aspect was facing the multi-stage structure of the information as well as the multiplicity of the main content and topics which should be selected simultaneously and also affect the final result.


To solve this main challenge, the multi-tab model has been selected and designed which helps users get rid of confusion.

Page

UI Design for the first step of user action to login to the software


Enterance Page UI

UI/UX design for the first view of the dashboard which delivers most important data analysis with chart types


Performance Status UI

UI/UX design for showing all data related to the selected main item


KPI Status

UI/UX design for selected KPI status with ability to filter


KPI Status with Chart

UI/UX design for selected KPI status with the ability to filter and based on chart types


Event Timeline UI

UI/UX Design for main upcoming events based on line chart with tooltip notifications and user-side timespan changer


Chart Type Select

UI Design for selecting and assigning data values to desired chart type


Data Assignation

UI/UX Design for data assigning from different data sources and categories


Page Creator

UI/UX Design for creating a KPI template with a Tab system and multi-layer data selection


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