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Finnotech Dashboard Panel (Fintech)


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Project Goal

This project’s goal was to develop a product interface, dashboard-style, containing all relevant and prioritized banking and fintech service content for well-known partners as users, in order to provide an overall better experience throughout the interface.

Problem / Challenge

In this project, I knew that UI/UX design in banking and Fintech solutions must be safer and faster than random applications. UX design of the new banking platform is dealing with customers’ funds. So, while the interface of the finance application earns your client a valuable experience, the account should keep customers’ time and money, using cutting-edge digital development technology. However, technology must combine usability, helpfulness, and be friendly in use.


To reach the best result in the UX design of a new banking platform, I have had to understand the habits and preferences of the bank's target audience. For a traditional financial institution, the banking app will bring new customers that prefer online.

/Sign-up Page

UI Design for the first step of user action to login to the dashboard ( The same page for both general users and Managers )


Enterance Page UI

UI/UX design for the first view of the dashboard which delivers most important data analysis with chart types


List UI

UI/UX design for data list user interface design


Minimized Left Bar

UI/UX design for expanded vertical side menu


Role Management

UI Design for assigning user roles to POS's owners


Alert Success UI

UI/UX Design for displaying role management as an alert-success


User Modifications

UI/UX Design in user profile modifications items


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